Hi! I'm Stella.

A McGill University Graduate, Pilates Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist (in the making) and lover of everything food related. I'm not only interested in cooking itself, but the culture that surrounds food and how peoples' relationships with food differ all over the world. Further, through this blog I am excited to learn more about food's complex history and how we have altered its production and consumption (for better and for worse) over the past hundreds of years - and what this means for the future health of our world. The "Think" section of this blog will be primarily devoted to exploring food culture and how it has the capacity to effect our minds and bodies equally. I cannot wait to connect with all of you through this blog and look forward to reading all your feedback/questions/comments.

The recipes shared do not necessarily adhere to one dietary type or follow any specific food restrictions. Instead, I want to concentrate on using real food to develop easy recipes which hopefully will help us all understand how real food has the capacity to make us feel better. Falling back on overly-processed and packaged foods loaded with bad fats and sugars is inevitable in this day and age where they are made most readily available. Cooking from scratch is definitely a more time-consuming practice than grabbing cans off shelves but the benefits far outweigh the costs in the long run. My goal here is to work together to develop recipes that are wholesome, easy, and REAL to help us eat, feel and live better.

Nice to meet you and welcome to Wellness By Stella!